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The Groove Elite are exuberant gifted performers and divinely ordained "Cool Cats" brought together by the love of entertainment.  


Our Moto has to be


"Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness"

- and we are fighting it one party at a time!

I have been around good music my whole life, and the band at our wedding was going to be a tough call.  Jodie, my wife is a great singer, all my girls can hold a tune, and our guest were some of the best musicians in the business.  Choosing a band to match up to their expectations was always going be hard.  But then I heard The Groove Elite.  I can honestly say they were went beyond all expectations, the dance floor was jammed, the mood was fantastic, and they even let me sing a few songs with the band! I promised I wouldn't do that again!  Charming guys to work with, excellent management that ensured every changing detail we asked for was on point.  It was an evening my guests still talk about.  I wouldn't hesitate in reccomending them, and that is just as well as I have 3 daughters still to marry.  Slick proffesional with a huge repertoire and a pleasure to be around.


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“The Groove Elite Band was worth every single penny – they were phenomenal. This was the more important part of the wedding for Alex, and thanks to a very generous gift from his parents we were able to blow a large part of the budget on an eight-piece band. Both Diva T and Mr. R had incredible voices and stage presence, and from the moment they started the dance floor was packed. They even allowed Alex to do a surprise performance on the drums with them for ‘Summer of 69′. We still get comments about that amazing band whenever we see friends.


Our first dance was to ‘You Make My Dreams Come True’ by Hall & Oates. We wanted something upbeat to help start the party, and the lyrics were also very apt.”



Photograph by Helen Crawte



Greetings from Johannesburg where we are half way through our honeymoon! We've been on safari for the past week without internet so have only just been able to see the videos.


Wow! They are amazing and have transported Ed and I straight back to our magical wedding day. Your band were out of this world and we cannot thank you all enough for contributing so much to the evening.

Thank you again for making our day so special; I just hope we have a suitable occasion to use you guys again in the future!

With all my best wishes,

So exciting and great to hear the band are pleased too… Ed and I honestly still get comments about HOW amazing they were/are!


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Wow you promised we were going to dance, but WOW I had no idea, to see all my family dancing together made it for me, and ended what was definately the best day of our lives.  We loved you guys, and thank you so much Samantha, you were amazing, what would we have done without you.  You definately saved the day.

YOUR THE BEST GUYS, Thank you so much.


And just when we thought it couldn't get any better, you guys came on stage.  We wanted to have an informal wedding and yet true to our traditional roots.  The day had been beautiful but with the formalities over, everyone had eaten, and we were worried guests might trail off. The room was in need of an energy injection and then you guys came on, and bang the party took off.  Thank you for including every song we loved, and that fabulous rendition of "River Deep Mountain High"  seriously sent shivers down me, and quite literally our guests still speak about how amazing you are.  I only wish you did Christenings!!  Thank you all so much again, and thank you Samantha you have to be the most patient person I know. You need a badge for creative solutions, you rock too.


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I just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to you for everything on Saturday.  You know me - I am usually really chilled but Saturday pushed me to the absolute limit and your calmness and general awesomeness literally kept me going.  I don't what I would have done without the suppliers such as you guys just getting on with what you do best (as well as going well above and beyond by helping me load the car at the end when I was so a crabby Above all, Janna and Jon had the absolute time of their lives - the band sounded epic as ever!


I really am so grateful and so look forward to working with you again!


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Both Ally and I have just come back down to earth after the BEST day of our lives! Your band are quite simply phenomenal and we could not have asked for more! So many of our guests have commented on 'the best band they have ever heard' and we are both so grateful to you and the band for providing such fabulous music, entertainment, enjoyment and fun.


We really hope that we get the privilege of hearing and experiencing the Groove Elite band in the future. There is nobody quite like them.


Thank you so much for everything.  Best wishes,  Ally and Annie x